From left: Kim Lewin, Raquel Miller, Pat Smith, Tina Majerle and Lori Citron

As many of you may have heard, there are early reports that Bravo is doing another version of their Real Housewives franchise in none other than our own Scottsdale, Arizona! Get excited! I know I am. For years I have personally wondered why they have overlooked this wonderful housewife locale. If nothing else, the selection of possible future reality television stars is immense, the pickings are plentiful.

This would be the seventh installment for the Bravo “Real Housewives of…” series, following on the heels of: Orange County, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, DC, and Beverly Hills. Though it may seem a bit trifling, the impact on the careers of those involved, as well as the potential impact on the local economy, is not to be overlooked. The Real Housewives of Atlanta brought us Nene Leakes, who is currently competing on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice. New York gave us Bethenny Frankel, who has her own spin-off show called “Bethenny Getting Married”, participated in Skating with the Stars, brought us Skinny Girl drinks, and is also an author – you go girl! That is just to name a few that are hot at the moment – but there are many more where that came from.

Currently rumored to be a part of this edition of Real Housewives is Alejandra Nash, who is currently in the midst of a rather impressive divorce battle from our beloved Steve Nash (in the words of Nelly Furtado – “Can’t MVP like Steve Nash!”). It is reported that she had an affair, became pregnant, claimed that the baby was Steve’s, and after the baby’s birth the shocking truth came to light – hence the current divorce battle. Though we love our Steve Nash, this is not LA, and we frequently do not get to hear all of the sordid details of our local celebrity’s lives. A version of Real Housewives including Alejandra would certainly make that a possibility! Though I love Steve and hope the best for him and his family, I think she must be quite the character, and it would be interesting to hear the behind the scenes version.

It has been reported that Tina Majerle (wife of retired Suns player Dan Majerle), Lori Citron (wife of anesthesiologist Gregg Citron), Kim Lewin, Juliette Irakliev, Raquel Miller, Raya Cavernes, and Char Hubble will also be joining the cast. It would be interesting to see if Allison DuBois, a Phoenix native and the true psychic behind the television show “Medium,” makes a guest appearance, as she did in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the episode “Dinner Party from Hell.” One can only hope.

More importantly is the impact that it could potentially have on the local economy by way of tourism. This is somewhat of an unspoken aspect of the Real Housewives franchise. By showing the hotspots available in the different locales, it promotes travel to these places. Arizona certainly has a lot to offer, Scottsdale in particular by way of nightlife and shopping, hopefully it will be helpful to our local economy – goodness knows we can certainly use the boost!

Though it is not yet official, I for one am fervently hoping that the Real Housewives come to Scottsdale!